Partnership Structure (2)The Partnership for a Healthy Durham consists of four committees, each focusing on a different set of health priorities, and led by co-chairs. In 2015, the Partnership added a communications committee made of Partnership members and communications professionals. The purpose of the communications committee is to improve internal communications, external communications and branding of the Partnership.

Most committees meet monthly, and they each determine their own action plan, meeting schedule, leadership, and activities. The entire Partnership is invited to a meeting quarterly, which is an opportunity for networking, committee updates, and learning about community issues.

2017 Co-Chair Election Results

Partnership co-chair elections were held in May 2017 at committee meetings and online. Below is a list of co-chairs elected or reelected who will begin their terms one-year terms on July 1, 2017.

Overall Partnership (2017-2019): Kelly Warnock, Durham County Department of Public Health (former OCI committee co-chair)
Access to Care: Camille Grant, Duke University (new co-chair)
Access to Care: Angel Romero, Duke Univerity (new co-chair)
Communications: Tara Ilsley-Murillo, Duke University (new co-chair)
Communications: Jeff Quinn, Duke University (reelected)
HIV/STI: Candice Givens, Durham County Department of Public Health (new co-chair)
HIV/STI: Michael Wilson, community (reelected)
Obesity and Chronic Illness: Jannah Bierens, Durham County Department of Public Health (reelected)
Obesity and Chronic Illness: Chelsea Hawkins, Durham County Department of Public Health (new co-chair)
Substance Use/Mental Health: Wanda Boone, Durham TRY (reelected)
Substance Use/Mental Health: Cindy Haynes, Duke University (reelected)

Leadership and Steering Committee

Partnership Co-Chair Job Description

Committee Co-Chair Job Description

The current Steering Committee includes the committee chairs, the Partnership Co-Chairs, the Partnership coordinator, and the Director of the Durham County Department of Public Health.

Partnership Co-Chair – Kimberly Monroe, Duke University Health System

Partnership Co-Chair – Gina Upchurch, Senior PharmAssist

Partnership Coordinator – Marissa Mortiboy, Durham County Department of Public Health

Durham County Department of Public Health Director – Gayle Harris

Committee co-chairs:


The Partnership for a Healthy Durham currently benefits from the active participation of over 225 members, and 60 organizations. The committees of the Partnership are eager to involve anyone who is interested in improving the health of Durham communities.

  1. Access to Care – Angeloe Burch Sr. and Lloyd Schmeidler
  2. Communications– Melissa Black and Jeff Quinn
  3. Obesity and Chronic Illness – Kelly Warnock and Jannah Bierens
  4. HIV/STIs – Virginia Mitchell and Michael Wilson
  5. Substance Use/Mental Health – Wanda Boone and Cindy Haynes

For more information about events, meetings, and activities, please contact Marissa Mortiboy at the Durham County Department of Public Health at (919) 560-7833 or see our calendar.