img_8870Safe Routes to School was awarded $5000 to teach bicycle/pedestrian safety among children. The initiative revised and tested the “Let’s Go” cycling curriculum for fourth grade students at three Durham Public Schools (about 200 students total).

“Let’s Go, NC!” is a free, on-line curriculum developed by the North Carolina Department of Transportation (NC-DOT) to teach safe walking and biking. These modules were  taught over 3 weeks. Grant funds were used to purchase bikes for use during lessons and for transportation and storage.

During the July 1, 2015- June 30, 2016 Robert Wood Johnson Foundation (RWJF) Culture of Health Prize mini-grant period, the following was achieved:

  • Everyone wore a helmet.
  • Knowledge scores increased among students during the pretest from 15-84% to 95-100% in the post-test.
  • Kids loved it – several learned to ride and many improved skills.
  • Fleet of 12 bikes to be donated to Durham Public Schools.
  • Three more schools will be piloted in fall 2016.