Description and Activities

This committee’s intent is to provide a community- based approach to address the growing problem of overweight and obesity, factors that contribute to the development and complications associated with many chronic illnesses.

All Obesity and Chronic Illness committee meetings are open to the public.


Over 2015-2018, the committee plans to:

  • Increase access to healthy foods
  • Increase physical activity opportunities including Healthy Mile Trails
  • Coordinate chronic disease education resources in Durham County

The committee’s 3-year Action Plan provides the details. Find out what the committee has accomplished in the OCI commitee action plan progress update.

Leadership and Membership

Current committee chairs are:

To learn more or to join the committee, email one of the co-chairs (above) or contact Marissa Mortiboy, the Partnership Coordinator, at or 919-560-7833.


The Obesity and Chronic Illness committee meets on the Second Wednesday of each month from 8:30-10:00 am in the Human Services Complex at the Durham County Department of Public Health, 414 E. Main Street. Meetings generally include updates from the various working groups, discussions on future collaborations, and opportunities to partner on grants.

Meetings are open to the public. Community members are encouraged to attend. You can find the meeting calendar here


January Meeting was canceled due to inclement weather

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Past accomplishments include:

  • Opening of a Healthy Checkout Aisle pilot in a grocery store in North East Central Durham (Los Primos)
  • Development of two Healthy Mile trails to bring exercise to the neighborhood
  • Bull City Play Streets events close downtown Durham’s streets to motorized vehicles and open them to biking, walking, playing and physical activity
  • Helped revise the Durham Public School Wellness Policy
    Initiated a student-led School Wellness Committee at each high school with support from volunteer health professionals and school-based mentors
  • Creation of Durham Eating Smart Moving More fold-out brochure and map that is available in many area physician offices and community locations
  • Pilot of an after-school healthy snack program in six sites
  • Focus groups with residents on nutrition and community gardens
  • Collaboration between SNAP (food stamps) and Durham Public School’s free and reduced lunch program so that families who were eligible for SNAP automatically received an application for school lunches
  • Numerous joint proposals on childhood obesity, community gardens, and cooking classes

Publications and Reports of the Committee

  • Durham Eating Smart Moving More map and brochure. This is an easy-to-read map of Durham’s parks, schools, trails, recreation centers, senior centers, and more. Learn which parks and recreation centers have basketball courts, playgrounds, and pools.  English (4MB)      Spanish (5.4MB)

Resources Related to the Work and Mission of the Committee

Obesity Resources

Center for Disease Control and Prevention: Division of Nutrition, Physical Activity and Obesity
An overview of nutrition, physical activity, and obesity in the U.S.

Eat Smart, Move More North Carolina
The Burden of Obesity
This site has power point slide shows that cover many of the factors involved with the obesity epidemic in North Carolina.

Eat Smart, Move More: North Carolina’s Plan to Prevent Overweight, Obesity and Chronic Diseases Evidence Resource List

Robert Wood Johnson Foundation
Site includes a news digest, grant opportunities, and research pertaining to obesity, nutrition and physical activity.

Nutrition Resources

Center for Disease Control and Prevention: Fruit and Veggies More Matters Website
Information about the importance of fruits and vegetables and helpful tips for increasing fruit and vegetable intake.

USDA Team Nutrition Materials Database
Educational and training materials related to food and nutrition.

International Food Information Council
Timely information and resources on nutrition and food safety.

American Dietetic Association
The world’s largest organization of food and nutrition professionals. Site includes position papers, brochures, tip sheets and much more.

USDA Food and Nutrition Information Center (FNIC)
FNIC Resource Lists help nutrition professionals and consumers locate information and materials for specific food and nutrition topics. Compiled by Nutrition Information Specialists, the lists provide resources in a variety of formats including articles, pamphlets, books, audio-visuals, and Web site links.